Products and Services

The  Spin Off  puts on  the  market the following main  services resulting from a well-established research and technological innovation, in order to combine safety and productivity with competitive costs:

  • Technical Services
    • Risk Assessment Document
    • Adaptation Measures Plan
    • Prevention  and Emergency Program
    • Safety Measures in workplaces
    • Prevention and Protection
    • Prevention and Protection Responsability
  • Services for people
    • Training and  Information Plan
    • Training and Information Courses
    • Health Surveillance Plan
    • Competent Physician Tasks.

Sipro - Srl offers  residential courses and e-learning with credits for Italian for Italian doctors.

SiPro -Srl, within a limited period of time, assesses if, in the light of the Legislative Decree no. 81 / 08 and subsequent amendments, the Company is incurring unnecessary, heavy and sometimes even prohibited by law expenses reporting where and how a realistic saving is achievable.

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