Prof. Francesco Tomei whole Curriculum is available in Italian language at Curriculum Vitae Francesco Tomei, below a short summary.

Francesco Tomei
Largo Somalia 67, Rome, Italy
Tel.   +39 06 86203178
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sex: Male   |   Born  01/04/1944     |     Italy

President of  'SIPRO Srl -  Safety and Productivity at Work ( that he promoted and created as a spinoff of La Sapienza  University (Sipro srl) in 2012.

Associate Professor of Occupational Medicine at La Sapienza - Roma   from 1987 to 2001 and then uninterruptedly Full Professor and Director of the Specialization School of Occupational Medicine from 2001 till July 2015.

During the years as a Full Professor he promoted and directed University Masters, training courses and advanced university training courses; he was the scientific director of research projects in the field of Safety and Protection in workplaces.

He was the promoter and scientific director of events for on-line training courses (FAD) since 2013  (50 ECM/year) for the Department of Health -

He promoted and organized 48 international and national meetings, of which 33 ECM  for continuous updating and 112 interactive ECM for the Department of Health through the provider A.R.P.S. - till Dec. 2018; 16 other interactive meetings and 4 other events are already planned  every year for a total of 60 ECM/year.

He is an expert and consultant on Occupational Medicine for public and private corporations; also as a CTU or CTP in legal disputes in the field of Health and Safety in workplaces.

He is the Director and Editor of the on-line scientific journal  Prevention and Research

He is the author of 13 chapters and editor of  'Trattato di Medicina del Lavoro'  Piccin - 2015,   and author of 8 chapters and editor of  'Manuale di Medicina del Lavoro'  Piccin - being published.

His continuous scientific production is composed of 728 issues on national and international journals, reports at national and international meetings, pamphlets, guidelines, monographs, chapters on books, and papers for the 'Progetto Marco Aurelio-SPQL' (n° 126) and CD-ROM and VHS of audiovisual and multimedia products (n° 5).

I.F.: 227,281             H.index: 26            N. Citation: 2137

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